Classroom investigations on sun care

sheepThe starting points for these classroom investigations are the online activities showing why people need sun protectionand how this can be achieved.

Metal oxides are used in sunscreen because they block ultraviolet rays. These metal oxides are the ‘large lumps’ described in the online activities, that must be in powder form when mixed in a sunscreen formulation.

Children investigate the need and method for obtaining a powder, and look at various ways of testing the effectiveness of the ingredient when mixed into a product.

Activity files:

Link: Safe in the Sun pdf

Safe in the Sun: Teachers' notes and activity sheets (download pdf - 348kB)

Full Resource (download pdf - 1.4MB)

Further Information

Long-term over-exposure to the sun can have serious consequences. For further detailed information, visit the following sites (all open in new window/tab):

net doctor - safe in the sun

net doctor - sunbathing

NHS Choices - protect skin in the sun