Classroom investigations on lanolin

From fleece to grease is the starting point for this activity. The children follow the story from the shearing of sheep, the cleaning of the wool, the extraction of wool grease to the point of separation of the lanolin . In the tank there are two layers: lanolin the upper layer and a second layer with other liquids beneath. The company need to separate as much lanolin as possible from the liquids; Activity1 investigates separating immiscible liquids and the effect of adding a detergent.

The children then watch the final stage of the production of a usable product. The lanolin falls through a mesh onto the conveyor in the form of drops called pastilles. They travel along the conveyor, solidify and are bagged. Croda is always seeking to improve the efficiency of their processes, so Activity 2 involves investigating factors that affect the size and shape of the pastilles.

Activity files:

Link: Fleece to Grease pdf

Fleece to Grease: Teachers' Notes and Activity Sheets (download pdf - 399kB)

Full Resource (download pdf - 1.4MB)