Comparison Test


Consultant scientists

Sumptuous Skincare Ltd

URGENT Product development help request


At Sumptuous Skincare Ltd we make lots of ingredients for products such as soap and sun cream.

Our scientists are developing a new bubble bath and have to get the recipe just right.
We are sending you a sample of our latest bubble bath to test. We would like to know how our sample compares with a bubble bath brand from the supermarket.

Our scientists need to know whether you think our sample:

  1. produces enough foam
  2. has a foam that lasts long enough.

Could you cary out tests, using the method you have already developed, and then let us know how you got on? Please let us have your results as soon as possible. When you have finished, contact us again

Best wishes
Sumptuous Skincare Ltd

Activity: To help with this problem, carry out Activity 4.